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So I am building up a new bike. I bought a campy veloce groupset and deda/fizik cockpit. I am now looking for a frame. I was considering a china carbon. The best priced one I have found is 380 and exactly what I'm looking for. It is sold by e_baygoods/a_baygoods or flyxii. I can't really find much on them which is odd cause they have a ton of purchases on ebay. Are they reputable as far as china carbon goes? Has anyone bought the FR-04 frame before? Thanks for the help.

I know there is a china carbon thread but there is a pile of version .0 s that were confusing me. If someone has a link the current one then I figure this post would be more suitable there. Thanks.

Fr 04 700c Full Carbon 3K Road Bike Frame 53cm Alloy Headset | eBay
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