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I would appreciate advice on choosing my first road bike (only had MTB's before).

I am considering the following major brands with 105 minimum spec:

Orbea Dauphine
Trek 1400
Lemond Tourmalet
Giant SCR 1.0
Giant TCR2
Specialized Allez Elite

I can get 4 free services per year (well, I have to pay for any parts) for the life of the bike on Orbea, Trek or Lemond but not Giant or Specialized.

I will of course test ride as many as I can but as these will be in different parts of town at different times and for not that long etc etc the comparisons will not be as scientific as I would like, so I would value comments from anybody who has experience of these bikes or tried out a similar shortlist.

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Assuming those are all about the same price, you probably can't go too far wrong with any of them. I'd try to make sure that the 105 was a complete gruppo, not just a couple of parts here & there.
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