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Bike detailing. Anyone do that?

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Just like detailing a car with a wash, clean, lube and seal (wax or sealant) type of deal but with a bike. Well, my other hobby that I do is auto detailing and do it as a side business. With so many supplies from my inventory I would like to most of them to protect it from rust and dirts that can potential harm the paint or the metal. So I have a couple of questions:

-Anyone use a sealant for the paint? And if so, what kind?
-I dont plan using non-approved bike wash. Anyone know if Finish line Bike is good?
-Tires. I have Meguiars all purpose cleaner to clean dried up dirt or mud on the tires. Safe to use?
-Wheels. I have Spinergy Stealth PBO carbon wheels that are dull. Should I polish the rims sidewalls of the wheel? Safe?

"Take care of your equipment and your equipment will take care of you" is my type of philosophy when owning precious items like these. And considering this is the most expensive hobby that I ever come across to you bet I am going to baby every piece of component. So anyone else in here a clean freak on maintaining their bike? Would like to get some insight on people on this forum. Thanks!
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I start off with Windex on everything including the tires and take Q-tips to my brake calipers, derailleurs, bolts and chain inks.

I finish with 303 Aerospace Protectant on all of my carbon fiber, matte finish or gloss. Saddle leather.... everything except the braking surface, bar tape and the tires.

Fellas with white bar tape, citrus degreaser will have it looking as good as new, just rinse with water.

Clean and lube that chain and cassette, (floss it with an old torn t-shirt like you should be flossing your teeth). Use Pedros Extra Dry lube only, (not that waxy White lightning crap that turns to black goo after an hour on the saddle). Pedro's. It cleans as well as it rides, but you must apply it every 100 miles for the best results.

Every now and then I take a #000000 fine steel wool to my aluminum rims to remove brake pad residue.

Ive been doing these things for a decade and have always kept my bikes and parts looking showroom new.
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