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Bike detailing. Anyone do that?

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Just like detailing a car with a wash, clean, lube and seal (wax or sealant) type of deal but with a bike. Well, my other hobby that I do is auto detailing and do it as a side business. With so many supplies from my inventory I would like to most of them to protect it from rust and dirts that can potential harm the paint or the metal. So I have a couple of questions:

-Anyone use a sealant for the paint? And if so, what kind?
-I dont plan using non-approved bike wash. Anyone know if Finish line Bike is good?
-Tires. I have Meguiars all purpose cleaner to clean dried up dirt or mud on the tires. Safe to use?
-Wheels. I have Spinergy Stealth PBO carbon wheels that are dull. Should I polish the rims sidewalls of the wheel? Safe?

"Take care of your equipment and your equipment will take care of you" is my type of philosophy when owning precious items like these. And considering this is the most expensive hobby that I ever come across to you bet I am going to baby every piece of component. So anyone else in here a clean freak on maintaining their bike? Would like to get some insight on people on this forum. Thanks!
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I stick to using water dampened rag and elbow grease as much as possible. I haven't used degreaser on my personal bikes in years -- regular, basic maintenance keeps parts clean enough until the need replacement.

All those chemicals that you list are a waste of money and a pointless introduction of unhealthy chemicals into your body (through inhalation and skin absorbtion) and the environment (starting with the home that you live in with your family).

Note: I'm not saying that fastidious bike maintainers are are a big source of pollution in the grand scheme.
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