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Fluidprawn said:
If you're trying to fit someone else on a bike.. I would recommend having them sign a waiver.
Sounds like good advice, as a bad fit can cause injury.

You'll find big differences in getting a fit by a program because of many reasons: Different styles of fit, such as racing, touring, sport, etc. You'll also get someone who figures that what's good for them is a great yardstick for everyone else. (it's like, hey, I like this Nike running shoe, so it'll work perfrct for everyone else in their size)

If you look at competitive cyclist's fit calculator, you'll see three different fit recommendations, which will put you into different positions and even different size bikes. By their calculator, I'm riding a bike too big for me. However, when I did have a bike of the recommended size, I had a lot of back pains which I don't now.
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