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Bike mirror use and non use

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Whether I'm cycling on a highway shoulder, in urban traffic, or on a group training ride, I find a cycling mirror to be indepensable. When I'm on a group ride I'm surprised by the few riders that use them.

Before totally bashing the idea of wearing one, see if you can try one first. you may have to borrow a friends.

Ok now, let's hear your pros and cons. I'm curious and eager to respond.
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I never used one for the 1st 20-25 years after I started riding. Now, after wearing one for 20-25 years I wouldn't want to be without it. They're easy to mount on your helmet, glasses, or bars. About the only thing that can be said against using them is that some people think that a mirror makes you look like a geek.. Ignore them and do what you want.
1 - 1 of 93 Posts
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