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Bike mirror use and non use

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Whether I'm cycling on a highway shoulder, in urban traffic, or on a group training ride, I find a cycling mirror to be indepensable. When I'm on a group ride I'm surprised by the few riders that use them.

Before totally bashing the idea of wearing one, see if you can try one first. you may have to borrow a friends.

Ok now, let's hear your pros and cons. I'm curious and eager to respond.
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Mirrors on a bike serve the same purpose as on motorcycles and cars. They facilitate maintaining awareness of the traffic behind which helps when you need to move into the lane to avoid obstacles or debris on the shoulder, avoid the door zone, take the lane in preparation for turning left, etc.. They are required by law in motor vehicles but not on bicycles. Whether you chose to avail yourself of their capabilities is up to you.
1 - 1 of 93 Posts
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