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Bike Myths We Wish Would Die

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I'll go first:

1) Bike tires need to have directional treads to prevent hydroplaning.

2) When building a wheel, the greater the spoke tension, the stronger and stiffer the wheel.

3) A stiffer rim will give you a stiffer wheel.

4) Bicycle wheels need to be balanced to within precise limits, less than the weight of valves.

5) Rotational mass will slow you down much more than static mass.

6) Aluminum doesn't corrode.

7) Carbon fiber is more prone to catastrophic failure than other materials.
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can you tell us which past troll it was who resurrected himself as Low Rider?
Likely someone who wanted a g-rudge match... ? :unsure:
Isn't this a myth thread?
May turn into one. If it does, we need busters.
Bikes don't hydroplane for two reasons:
They skid instead.
I meant skid on wet pavement more than dry pavement.
Could you really not look this up yourself?
But then that will shorten the thread and cause less traffic on the forum. I thought there was a concern about the ghost-town-ness of this forum... 👻
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