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Bike Myths We Wish Would Die

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I'll go first:

1) Bike tires need to have directional treads to prevent hydroplaning.

2) When building a wheel, the greater the spoke tension, the stronger and stiffer the wheel.

3) A stiffer rim will give you a stiffer wheel.

4) Bicycle wheels need to be balanced to within precise limits, less than the weight of valves.

5) Rotational mass will slow you down much more than static mass.

6) Aluminum doesn't corrode.

7) Carbon fiber is more prone to catastrophic failure than other materials.
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Red bikes are faster ... oops, no, that one is true.
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Because bicycles have very small contact patches. You can lose traction very easily because of this, but hydroplaning would require unrealistic speeds, above 65mph.
Exactly. Wet pavement doesn't provide as much traction as dry pavement, and painted lines, metal plates and manhole covers can be quite slippery when wet, but you aren't going to skip across a big puddle at cycling speeds. Someone should try it with a fat bike and a car towing them up to speed.
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