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Most parts should work, some maybe not.

dustin said:
Hey guys i have an opportunity to buy a wrecked felt 2005 f35 bike with full dura ace components how do i go about finding out if they will fit on my 2005 Giant tcr2 areo?
I don't actually know anything about either one of those bikes, but I've built several from junk parts and scavenged most of what I used to assemble my Atlantis, so let's take a shot:
The shifters, levers, brakes and derailleurs should work, barring a difference in tubing diameter for the front derailleur (might be the same; I dunno). Stem and bars will probably fit; possibly not (I'm assuming every bike in the world except mine is 1-1/8 threadless now, so it should all bolt up. The extension might not be ideal for you, though). If the wheels weren't trashed in the crash, they should swap over.along with the cassette. Somebody (but not me) can probably tell you about the bottom bracket and crankset. I haven't tried anything in quite awhile that DOESN'T work, but all my frames are steel and pretty conventional. And I have no idea if you can still buy BB spindles in different lengths anymore if yours doesn't match the frame. It used to be a pretty easy fix, but a lot of stuff now is made to be installed as a unit, so maybe not anymore.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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