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Bike/run Socks?

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I've tried running in my bike socks (DeFeet, Sock Guy, etc.), and the socks slide around in my running shoes too much. I'm most comfortable running in cotton blend athletic socks, but don't want to use those on the bike, and don't want to take the time to change socks in transition of a sprint race. Barefoot is not an option - my feet just aren't that tough.

Can anyone suggest a good sock for running and biking, that may not be quite as thin and slippery as my typical bike socks? Is there a Magic Tri Sock that I'm not aware of?

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You might try the brand Wrightsock. They make a sock called the double layer running lite. I have used it for both running and cycling and it seems to work well for both. Not too thick for the bike shoes, but thick enough for the running shoe. I get them through Road Runner Sport. They come in various styles, quarter, crew, anklet etc.
Toe socks...

I use Injinji Tetrasoks ( They really cut down on blistering during running and aren't too snug in cycling shoes.
******* said:
:eek: $40 for a pair of socks!! holy cow. if you gradually go longer and longer distances without socks, your feet will eventually get used to it and stop blistering. i've seen some sock made by under armor for about 10 bucks that look like they'd work pretty well.

Unisex SmartWool Running Medium Mini Crew 3PK :cool:
Suprisingly the Under Armour socks work fairly well for both cycling and running. They are a little thicker than cycling specific socks, but not too bad. The best part is 4 pack for $15.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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