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Hello all,
I am currently in the market for a relatively cheap (in cost but not quality) frame to build up as a daily rider. My intentions for this frame are for commuting, interval work, daily riding regardless of the weather, and maybe the occasional club ride. I am approximately 190-195lbs and tend to enjoy sprinting/aggressive accelerating since I don't have as much time to ride with a newborn to care for.

I have narrowed my search down to a few frames however I am open to some others that would fit my requirements. Comments from users of the following frames would be greatly appreciated as well whether it be second, third or fourth hand.

The selection so far (in no special order):

1. Cinelli Proxima= Columbus Zonal
2. Pinarello Surprise= Dedaccia 7003
3. Casati Clipper= Dedaccia Force
4. Orbea Mitis= Dedaccia ?

The basic criteria to create the above list were cost, steep angles, short chainstays, stiffness, and reliability.

Thank you in advance for all your help.
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