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More Cowbell!
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The Veloshop, a small Portland, OR bike shop, got hit last night. Lots of track stuff (among other things) got stolen. If you see some of this stuff on Ebay, holler.

* Sugino 75 track crankset.
* Dura Ace track crankset.
* Phil Wood track hubsets.
* Suzue track hubsets.
* Pink Phil Wood hubsets.
* Pink Chris King headsets.
* Phil wood sealed bottom brackets.
* A large number of track cogs, Euro Asia, Phil wood, Soma. A range of sizes in black and silver.
* White Industries sealed bearing freewheels, a few sizes.
* MKS track pedals. Different styles. Black and silver.
* They also got our entire run of Campagnolo 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes. Record and Chorus levels.
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