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Bikesport Shop In Houston River Oaks area

I thought I would pass around some feedback on my bike buying experience at Bikesport located on Joanel St. between W. Alabama and Westheimer. I started shopping for a new bike this spring and hit nearly every shop in Houston looking at product. I had shopped at Bikesport in the past and liked their selection of equipment and accessories. But I have always really liked the atmosphere of the place. It is a neighborhood shop that you immediately feel comfortable in. You see the same sales people and technicians in there day in and day out. They all know their stuff, are avid riders and racers themselves, and are always helpful. They also give you the straight scoop. Case in point, they advised me to look for a certain accessory brand they didn't carry because they thought it would be better for me.

In my bike buying process I demoed bikes there day after day - I was looking at high-end (read expensive) bikes and I wanted to make sure I got it right. A great custom fitter, Rey, worked with me at length. He educated me extensively on different frame shapes and size considerations. He set me up on bike after bike so I could try them under optimal conditions. Well, I ended up buying my awesome Guru Maestro there. Now, after the purchase, if I have even a slight question or adjustment to the bike, I can walk into the store and Rey, Fil, Mickey, Julia or one of their really talented technicians, Scott and Zeck, will take care of it while I wait.

The whole experience was fun and it is gratifying to continue to get great service from the shop. I recommend them highly. :cool:
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