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Hi Gang,

National Bike to Work Week is coming up May 15-19. Different states and counties will have different ways of celebrating. The information I'm posting below definitely applies to Los Angeles County, and maybe other parts of California. Check with you local governments for more information about events in your area.


Bike to work day is coming up on May 18. Not only is this a great chance to commute in a healthy, environmentally-sound manner, it is also an opportunity to show California politicians that we cyclists are a force to be reckoned with.

When you register for bike to work day at

you automatically become elligible to win fantastic prizes like a brand new commuter bike. But that’s not all! Government officials look at the number of people who register and use that number as a gauge for interest in cyclo-commuting across the state. The more people who register, the more political leverage cyclists will have. A good turn out will give organizations like the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition ( the ammunition it needs to fight for more bike lanes, wider shoulders, bike-friendly traffic signal sensors, etc.

Last year, volunteers agreed that LOTS of people turned out to ride their bikes on the big day. However, only a handful of people signed up on the website, so we did not get the credit we deserved. Don’t let that happen again! Sign up today! Make a real difference for cyclists in California!

Thanks for listening,


We have had Bike to Work week here this week. The weather, so far, has cooperated and riders, apart from chilly mornings have had glorious sunshine and warm temps.

It has been astounding to see the number of bikes on the road so far. You can clearly see the people who do not ride much, weaving, shaky, etc.

Saw a lady coming around a corner yesterday and she was real shaky, fighting to hold the MTB upright - but she was out riding which is great.

I have been under other schedules all week and unable to ride up to now, but maybe tomorrow ( maybe).

Great to see all the bikes though.
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