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It's a funny, touchy topic.

I rode bikes from age 4 all through college and never wore a helmet. Never hit my either despite some decent crashes. Never knew anyone who did either and the only bloodied cyclist I ever encountered was 3 year old Emmet Green who was suffering from being hit in the head by a rock, thrown by Gary Sherman. (Those firggin' Shermans were 1960s trailer trash.)

As an adult I got back into riding again without a helmet. Started wearing one when my miles became more serious.

These days, I won't get on a bike without one. Primary reason - I've gone down twice in 1 year and broken a helmet in both cases. Don't even like to think about what the side of my head would've looked like had it been bare.

But, it's still a personal choice.

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I've only really USED my helmet once in any sport, including motorcycle roadracing.

The one time was on my bicycle, and it was a doozy--I landed smack on my forehead, and was unconscious, face down, in the street for about 30 seconds. My helmet was split in half front to back, but I was unharmed (except for a possible concussion, I guess). If I hadn't been wearing it, or had been wearing it wrong (on the back of my head like you see so many people, especially women and children, do) I'd have been seriously injured.

I don't wear a helmet because I think I'm going to crash. I wear a helmet because if I'm not wearing one and I do crash it's way too late to change my mind on the way to the pavement.
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