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I am in the process of looking for my first road bike and have started testing a couple. I am looking for a bike that would be great for longer rides/centuries, but still quick on loops around the park. I am not looking to race.

I am 5'7", 150. Currently I am riding a 51 cm Specialized Sirrus Comp. It fits pretty well, so I think that is roughly the right size frame for me.

So far I have tested a Specialized Roubaix Comp and Serotta Fierte (steel). I wasn't crazy about the didn't feel very quick when I wanted to accelerate, and I didn't actually find it very comfortable. It was a 52, probably the right size, but I felt too stretched out on it (the stem may have just been too long for me). I didn't really like the handling either.

I really liked the Serotta. It was actually a 54, but the shop moved the seat forward to compensate...I think a 52 would still probably be better. Anyways, the Serotta was comfortable, felt much quicker than the Specialized, and handled very nicely.

I am planning on trying a Bianchi 928 this weekend.

Based on what I'm looking for, and what I've liked/not liked so far, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any other bikes I should try while I am looking.

I'm hoping to spend around $2500, give or take. I am open to carbon, steel, or ti (if there are any decent ones in my price range). I am not interested in aluminum.

Thanks for you advice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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