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Burn baby, burn.
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Just found this thread.
Here iss something a little different.
You might like it, you might hate it.
I dont care if you do hate it really, because I love it.
1993 Colnago Master Olympic with full SRAM Rival groupset.

Absolutely loving the SRAM.
Previous bike was a Specialized Allez Comp with Dura-Ace/Ultegra mix groupset.
the SRAM shifts at least as well, was easier to set up and if it is anything like the MTB gear will be easier to maintain as well.

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ICE with Rival

Here's my budget racer. I bought the Rival kit from GVH in Oregon. I recommend them highly. I got the group, bars and stem, and used all my old stuff. I had the frame painted to elimate the eurotrash graphics on my ICE frame (the defunct Innovative Cycling Engineering from Germany).

Maybe Next Year
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06 Orbea Opal with 07 SRAM Mix

2006 Orbea Opal
SRAM Rival levers, brakes, f/r derailleurs
SRAM Force crankset
SRAM Chain
DA cassette, '07 Ritchey WCS stem and wheelset, Orbea Zeus post, Easton EC90 bars
1 very satisfied midwest bicycle racer.

Frites en Mayo Velo Club
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A couple of bikes with Sram on them

First, is my Serotta Nove with a full Force kit.

Second is my Empella Bonfire with a full Rival kit

Both are great bikes and the difference in parts is just the carbon bits and about $300 dollars
1 - 20 of 128 Posts
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