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BioLogic bike mount for iPhone by Dahon

Last February, I bought on a Iphone bike mount-Biologic brand (manufactured by Dahon) for my road bike. U.S. $ 53

When i tried to fix it on my byke, I realised the Universal bracket with Quick Release system is weak. It is not possible to screw the bracket tightly on our bike handlebar or stem.

The unit turn down every time I meet a vibration (holes or jumps). I even inserted a piece of tube rubber to make it sticker but did not really improve the grip.

Later on, after taping the bracket on the handlebar, I went for a ride and when I was driving down a hill at over 50km/h when I encountered a pothole. Under the shock, the case of my Biologic opened suddenly and my iPhone flew in the air and smashed on the road. No need to tell you my Iphone was seriously damaged!

I wrote to the Dahon and this is what they replied:

Hello, and thanks for contacting Dahon California. Dahon warranty is handled through the selling dealer. We do not currently have spare parts for the I Phone mount. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Sincerely, The Dahon California Team .

Then, I wrote to the distributor and he replied:

I am sorry, we do not have any spare parts for this item. Please refer to the instruction booklet as you may have overlloked the correct tightening method...

Thank you for your patience in this matter... :)

I believe you can draw your own conclusion!:mad:

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