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So I'm trying to put together a Birthday list, because people are nagging me and after riding numerous bikes, I purchased a 2008 Kona Jake the Snake. I am trying to put together a list of things to add to a list, but some are just way out of price range and some are items I'd just have to pick out myself. Some of the items listed below are more than I want people to spend too, but I'll list them anyway. In either case, here are some items I have come up with that I may want/need sometime in the future (some are further down the road I'm sure).

-Sunglasses (Will probably have to figure this one out myself)
-Shoes (Same)
-Clipless Pedals (Same)
---I'm still not sure what to do about the above yet, since I'm going to be commuting AND riding just for kicks as well (and for cardio, to be outside, etc, etc)
-Shorts (Same)
-Gloves (same)
-Socks (same)

-Front Light (already got one)
(I may get a helmet light as well, but would not ask someone to spend that much)
-Rear blinking light (already got one)
-Under seat bag (already got one)
-Tire irons (already got those)
-Helmet (got that)
-Frame pump (got that)
-Spare tube (got one, but another couldn't hurt)

-Water Bottle
-Water Bottle Cage
-U-Lock (I keep hearing mention of the Kryptonite New York series)
-Chain lock (same as above and probably want both)
-Map of the area
-Mini mag light (not sure if this is necessary, but I'll be biking at night and thought it might be a good emergency plan)
-Chain Lube
-CO2 pump (I got a frame pump already, so I'm not sure this is necessary right now)
-Spare tube (I got one, but another couldn't hurt could it?)
-Patch kit
-Floor pump (I have a REALLY CRAPPY one, aka the frame pump is better as sad as that may sound)
-Bike stand (I don't think I'll worry about this just yet)
-Car Rack (Though this sounds like a good idea, I should probably do a bit more research first)
-Bike repair book (probably a perfect item, but not sure which to buy)

Is there anything else I'm missing? If there's something in the list and someone has a brand suggestion that would help as well. In the end I may just ask for money, but I know when I'm buying gifts that's never fun...of course I can cook, so I can always get away with that as a supplement if someone REALLY wants money only.

Oh and thanks to everyone who has already helped me along the way!
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