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This is extracted from the Bicycle Colorado newsletter.

Black Hawk's Board of Aldermen is making it clear that they don't want bicyclists or bicycle events in town. The Board approved an ordinance banning bicycle riding on almost every street in Black Hawk. This includes the only paved street (Gregory Street-former State Highway 279) connecting the Peak to Peak Highway with the Central City Parkway.
Black Hawk police are now issuing a ticket to anyone "caught riding" through town.

Bicycle Colorado doesn't think this is right or legal. We are working diligently on the legal side but here is how you can help today:

1. Email or Call the Black Hawk City Council
[email protected] Council phone: 303-582-2212
attn: Mayor David D. Spellman and Aldermen Linda Armbright, Paul G. Bennett, Diane Cales, Kathleen Doles, Tom Kerr, Greg Moates

Ask them to:
Please restore bicycle access to Gregory Street and all Black Hawk streets. Your ban is closing a major cross-state route to bicyclists preventing residents and tourists from biking.

2. Donate to the legal efforts
We are in the midst of a legal and legislative campaign to overturn this ban and prevent it from spreading to other cities in Colorado. Your donation is the only way we can afford to do this. Please join
or make a donation today!

3. Spread the Word
Pass on this email and fan our Facebook page for the latest info.
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