Want to put pumps, lights, racks, bags, computers, cages, tools, saddles, fenders and mirrors all to the test? What better way than to use the products on a pair of epic, long-distance journeys - the 1852-mile Pacific Coast route and the menacing 2740-mile Great Divide mountain bike route. That's exactly what cycling product and accessory maker Blackburn has planned for this summer when it will send six "Rangers" out on their bikes for what's been dubbed the "Out There" adventure cycling program.

This new annual program will focus on this pair of iconic cycling routes, the people who ride them, and their adventures along the way. In turn the "Rangers" will journal about their experience for Blackburn's new interactive Out There website, which will chronicle their travels with images, videos, blog posts and interactive route-based elements.

The routes themselves will provide much of the story. The Pacific Coast route runs from Vancouver, British Columbia to Imperial Beach, California. Rangers will use touring bicycles and Blackburn racks and panniers to carry necessities along the way.

The Great Divide route is an off-road route that was originally mapped by the Adventure Cycling Association, from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The Great Divide Rangers will pilot mountain bikes, whether rigid or suspended, and use bike-packing bags strapped to their frames, handlebars and saddles. Blackburn lights, pumps and computers will also be used on a route that includes nearly 200,000 feet of climbing.

"We know that there is a great story around every corner once you are on your bike and we want to be a part of that again," said Robin Sansom, Blackburn category manager. "Enabling adventure through design and innovation was the reason that Jim Blackburn started the company 35 years ago."

Here's a cool stoke video from Blackburn with more details on the program and its riders:

[vimeo width="610" height="343"]https://vimeo.com/67233958[/vimeo]

Blackburn Out There from Blackburn Design.