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Eating less

Dajianshan said:
My wife just bought one of those super blenders and I have been using it to make lots of fruit and veggie juices.

Although I have not taken anything out of my diet and simply substituted the juice for the whole/raw materials, the weight loss has been phenomenal.

What's going on here?

Was I not digesting the whole foods and in starvation mode or does blending let the food run on through?

Anyone else have results with this?

Whatever is going on, it is really helping to slim me down to racing weight after three years of no results despite hard training.
If anything, the blending should make the food more bio available and therefore you should be able to extract more calories from it. If you are truly losing weight (not just dehydrating) then you are either eating fewer calories or exercising more. That's it. No other explanation.
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