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Strained coccyx etc etc
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usually after a week or two of listening intently to a new CD, particularly his stuff (since it's mostly heavy musically), i'll have to shelve it and go back to something simple and mindless for awhile. then months later i come back to Mould and fall hopelessly in love with the CD.

since receiving Mould's "Body of Song" (special edition) i've listened pretty much nonstop, and ordered another copy, which i left with Len on NYE, for his mind and soul.

"how could i be the only person who gets no fruit off the tree? and who could live with me, in high fidelity? in high fidelity. i'm high fidelity."

if you are even remotely a fan of Mould, Sugar, or Husker Du, and don't have the CD(s) yet, i would recommend you buy it/them yesterday.

regular release

special edition

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