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tommyrhodes said:
I'm a little confused with how to incorporate this into my training however. I plan on making weight loss a number one priority going into this weight season and would like to gave a goal. Number of a weight I should be at.
Let's say there was a guy with the following readings. He weighed 100 poiunds with a 10% body fat measurement. Does that mean he has 10 pounds of fat? So if his goal is to have 5%bf he needs to lose 5 pounds?
I've got some nutrition books coming in the male and my girlfriendss gonna give me her nutrition textbook from nursing school. But I'm curious NOW damnit.
Thanks in advance
Multiple girlfriends, coming in the male? Lol

but anyway....

The best way to use that scale as a tool would be to weigh and record your weight and % BF every morning after voiding your bladder. Only once per day, at the same time. This way you can figure out how variable the scale is (for BF%) by minimizing extraneous variables.

But, I personally would not use the BF% scale from tracking body comp as it is not that reliable. An associate of mine has a study comparing Bioelectrical impedance (like your scale uses) to dexa for reliability in different hydrate states. I don't have any data to give you, but the hypothesis is that the BI is not even close to DEXA, especially with differing hydration status.

Your explanation of the 5lb fat loss is correct, but weight loss typically does not come from fat only. I don't think the scale you have is sensitive enough to determine the composition of 5lbs of weight loss.

Do you have a power meter? One of the best ways to keep track of weight loss and performance is to track changes in power (using validated testing) while losing weight. Ideally you lose body fat and not power.

Losing weight gradually tends to reduce lean tissue loss. So less negative energy balance and adequate protein intake per day over time, tends to maintain skeletal msucle and power.

I was in the same boat with weight loss and hill climbing. But I started at 11.5% by dexa, and got down to 6.5% in the peak of the season. But I still have upper body mass from bodybuilding that I am trying to lose/trying not to keep, to help with climbing. It is hard to maintain power and lose muscle selectively.
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