Bont Vaypor+ 2016 Shoe

Bont's Vaypor+ 2016 is an expensive, luxury cycling shoe designed with all-day comfort in mind.​

What is it?

Bont calls its Vaypor+ 2016 a luxury sportive road cycling shoe. As such it uses exotic materials like kangaroo leather for its upper, and it has a stylish aesthetic. A heat-moldable carbon fiber last ensures custom comfort. If long road rides are your idea of a good time, then Bont's Vaypor+ 2016 may be your next ideal shoe.

Bont Vaypor+ 2016 Shoe

While the Vaypor+ 2016 is wide from above to provide adequate forefoot space, in profile it's a sleek kick.​


  • Great looks
  • Very rigid sole
  • Easy on-the-fly adjustment thanks to double Boa IP1 dials


  • Heat molding doesn't have a large effect on comfort
  • $500 is a lot of money for any kind of shoe
  • Fit of carbon "boat" last won't please all riders

Bont Vaypor+ 2016 Shoe

Dual Boa's IP1 dials secure the Vaypor+ 2016 to a rider's foot, allowing for on-the-go tightening and loosening.​

RoadBikeReview's Take

Bont's Vaypor+ 2016 is an interesting shoe. It's wildly expensive at $500, very attractive, and yet it focuses on comfort not ultimate performance. It isn't the lightest or the stiffest shoe on the market, but it may be the most luxurious. Kangaroo leather, the preferred material for motorcycle leathers thanks to its resistance to abrasion and breathability, is used for the upper. But while it is very supple, the wrap-around carbon last negates some of its ability to conform to your foot shape. Cowhide is used for the shoe's interior in lieu of synthetic materials for a more luxurious feel.

Bont Vaypor+ 2016 Shoe

Bont's heat-moldable carbon fiber last can both attract and repel riders. If it fits, the support is unmatched. If it doesn't, you feel afloat inside a carbon fiber boat.​

To help follow your foot's contours, the Vaypor+ 2016 has a heat-moldable carbon fiber chassis. Despite molding our review pair twice, I felt very little change. This could be due to the fact that they are a bit too roomy for my low-volume feet. My advice is to try before you buy if considering a Bont shoe purchase (or any shoe purchase for that matter). I know riders and racers who won't use another brand after trying Bonts.

At this price, I had hoped for a more comfortable experience out of the box but Bont's unique approach to shoe construction requires a bit more work and ultimately doesn't accommodate a wide enough range of insteps for this reviewer to give it a higher rating. But when trying on a pair for yourself, don't resist them if you have a Cinderella moment. They are nicely crafted shoes that incorporate top-quality materials.

Rating: 3 out of 5
3 stars

Price: $500
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