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Ok....maybe it's time to eat a little crow.....or humble pie....

I posted a few weeks (maybe a couple months) ago about wheels and how my RL's were doing just fine on my '08 Madone 5.2.....well I just got it back from a tune/lube before this weekends Fall River Century, and was told I have a new rear wheel. The old one was out of true, and upon closer inspection, had enough "issues" that it was replaced. Per the LBS, Bonte has told it's dealers that there "might be a problem with the prestressing of the RL's rim during buildup" Lucky for me - no warranty paperwork, no wait -just a new rim less than 24 hours after being dropped off for a quick tune. Gotta love good customer service!!!

Maybe I'll rethink the DA/Open Pro setup for my other set of rims instead of the R-XXX-L's

Bruce in Redding
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