Bontrager has updated its popular AW3 road tire lineup with all-new Hard-Case Lite and Hard-Case models, significantly improving puncture protection without sacrificing ride quality. According to Bontrager, the AW3 is the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it road tire, and both the Hard-Case Lite and Hard-Case models deliver best-in-class defense against flats, a long-lasting tread, and the right traction for fast, confident rides on any road in any season.

Thanks to its longevity and durability, AW3 has long been among Bontrager's most popular road tires—and now, AW3 delivers even more confidence. The new AW3 lineup features an updated sub-tread layer made with a weave of nylon and aramid that provides more protection than ever before while still maintaining AW3's renowned ride quality.


Bontrager claims the new AW3 Hard-Case Lite massively outperforms its predecessor, offering 78% better protection against punctures. This step-change in performance establishes AW3 among the market's leading road tire options for durability. These improvements in puncture protection were independently validated by Wheel Energy, the industry benchmark for third-party tire-testing.

New AW3 tires are available in two levels of puncture protection: Hard-Case Lite, which features a sub-tread nylon/aramid layer to ward off punctures, and Hard-Case, which has the same sub-tread layer plus an additional bead-to-bead nylon ply for even more durability and protection against flats. Both levels are available in a wide range of four widths (700x25, 700x28, 700x32, and 700x38) for speed and stability on any road or city street. Additionally, AW3 Hard-Case Lite models are available with reflective sidewalls in all sizes.


All AW3 tires use a proprietary TR-Endure compound that's long-lasting and durable on any road surface and feature a textured shoulder tread with a smooth-rolling center. Together, these elements provide traction, cornering confidence, and speed.

Like all Bontrager tires, AW3 tires are backed by the Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee, which gives riders 30 days to try Bontrager products and return them if they are not completely satisfied.

Bontrager AW3 Tire FAQ

Q: Can the new AW3 be set up tubeless?
No, it is not approved for tubeless

Q: What is the puncture protection included in the new AW3?
The new AW3 uses improved Hard-Case Lite and Hard-Case puncture protection that provides leading protection against flats. The sub tread layer uses a nylon/aramid weave that maintains qualities of both – leading puncture protection with good road feel

Q: What is new about the rubber compound?
For AW3 we developed the all-new proprietary TR-Speed compound for a longer lasting tread that provides great all-weather traction and better resistance to puncture.

Q: What is the max tire pressure for the AW3?
Officially 125 PSI, but best performance will be well under that.

Q: What are the weights for the new AW3 tires?
AW3 HC - 700x25/315g, 700x28/370g, 700x32/415g, 700x38/505g
AW3 HCL - 700x25/260g, 700x28/300g, 700x32/335g, 700x38/450g
AW3 HCL Reflective - 700x25/265g, 700x28/305g, 700x32/340g, 700x38/460g

Q: Do all sizes of the AW3 tires have the same tread pattern?

Q: What is the TPI (Threads Per Inch) of the AW3?
Both AW3 Hard-Case and AW3 Hard-Case Lite are 60 TPI

Q: Is the AW2 going away?
Yes. AW3 is now your go-to road tire for puncture protection and all-weather traction

Q: Does the reflective strip go completely around the tire for the models that have it?
No, it is broken up by the hot patch.

Available Bontrager AW3 Tire Pricing and Availability

US MSRP for all AW3 models is $59.99. The AW3 tires are available immediately online at in select markets and through Trek's global network of retail partners.