Bontrager Provence 32 Roller Suitcase Review

This is what Type A dreams are made of.​

What is it?

Large multi-compartment roller suitcase designed specifically for cyclists traveling on 5-7 day trips. Utilizes a 90/10 clamshell design with three zippered compartments. Also includes telescoping handle inspired by Bontrager Rhythm Plus grip. Size is 7513.24 cubic inches. Weight with all included storage/organization bags is 15.3 pounds, leaving you 34.7 pounds to play with before you get in trouble with your airline's counter agent.

Bontrager Provence 32 Roller Suitcase Review

Our faithful companion for five trips to Europe and back in 2016.​


  • Room for tons of stuff
  • Multi-compartment design makes it easy to stay organized
  • Durable construction
  • Oversized zipper pull tabs easy to grab
  • Reasonably light for its size
  • Multiple wet/dry compartments
  • Zip in/out wash bag and mesh laundry bag
  • Shoe/pedal bag included
  • Has trolley strap so you can attach smaller bag
  • Exterior-access pocket allows for rapid stowage at airport
  • Durable, smooth rolling wheels
  • Multiple exterior handles make lifting easier
  • Handle feels like MTB grip


  • Expensive
  • Too big for some trips (smaller options available)
  • It's black just like every other suitcase at baggage claim

Bontrager Provence 32 Roller Suitcase Review

Exterior zippers are sturdy and easy to grab and pull.​

RoadBikeReview's Take

I'll be the first to admit I'm no luggage expert. My No. 1 criteria for a suitcase is that it has enough room for all my crap and doesn't fall apart when being tossed around by the muscle-bound baggage handlers. By that measure Bontrager's Provence 32 roller suitcase is first class premier. I lugged this thing back and forth to Europe five times last year, plus took on numerous domestic trips, and it still looks relatively new. The wheels are spinning true (and not making noise), and all the zippers are still zipping smoothly.

Bontrager Provence 32 Roller Suitcase Review

If you like to stay organized, you'll love this bag.​

I also love the myriad compartments, which make it easy to separate casual clothes, riding clothes, and funked up clothes. Bontrager also includes several handy bags, one for shoes/pedals, one for stinky laundry, and even a zip-in bathroom bag for your razor, deodorant, and such. It's also fairly light considering its massive size, which means I've yet to get dinged with an overweight bag charge - or suffer the indignity of having to repack items into my carry-on while getting the stink eye from fellow passengers waiting behind me in the check-in line. Plus I like the fact that it's made by a cycling industry company, and not Louis Vuitton or some other pretentious (and over-priced) luggage maker.

Bontrager Provence 32 Roller Suitcase Review

Weighing just a tad over 15 pounds means you still have plenty of wiggle room when you get to the scale.​

Bottom line, whether you're a biker or a banker, this is a well-made suitcase that's plenty big for longer trips, or as shared luggage if you and the significant other want to pack just one bag instead of two.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: $450
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