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Yeah what year are they. If they are the pre 2008 wheels (identified by a black colored hub), I would pass. The hubs experienced some issues. If they are the 2008 ones (Identified by a silver/alloy hub), then the rear wheel has issues with improper thread lock on spokes/nipples, and it does lead to a cracked rim. I have had one replaced myself.

That being said. $250 is not so bad for the 2008, especially if the rear wheel is carefully rebuilt...I would let the LBS do that, that way if they FUBAR it then it is a warranty repair/replace for them. These are a reasonable light sub 1500gram everyday wheelset.

I would talk to the guy selling them to try and find out what if any issues he has had. Then, especially with the rear, check for true; carefully check the rim surface at each spoke hole for fine & minute cracking. Check each nipple so see how chewed it looks (evidence) of a lot of truing issues. If you have access to a tensionometer, check the spoke tensions, especially for uniformity of the DS and NDS spokes. (You can google for Bontrager wheel building specs. there are a couple floating around the net that have tension ranges for most Bonty wheelsets.)

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