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Bontrager's S2 clothing line is built for super cold days on the bike.​

What is it

Bontrager's Velocis S2 clothing line is purpose built for colder riding conditions, specifically at or below freezing. Designed for hours on the bike and leaning towards the high end, this collection has nearly every detail covered, though the zipper on the jacket may take some getting used to. Keep reading to find out more.


  • Very warm and comfortable
  • Breathable
  • YKK Zippers all around
  • 5 pocket (2 zippered) on jacket
  • Deep rear pockets on jacket
  • Available no-insert bibs


  • Jacket abrades easily
  • Jacket's offset zipper takes getting used to
  • Jacket's Hi-Viz back gets muddy and stains

RoadBikeReview's Take

In many parts of North America it's freezing cold outside but that never stops us from riding - as long as you have the right clothing. Having confidence in your gear and knowing how it will react to the changing internal and external temperatures is paramount during winter riding. Bontrager hopes to put our guessing at ease with its Velocis S2 system that's designed for temps at freezing and bellow.


Brushed thermal fabric keeps you warm and is soft on skin.​

The Velocis line is packed with thoughtful features that cold weather riders will find comforting and practical. Features include deep pockets, windproof taped seams, and YKK zippers. But the windproof thermal fabric is the real star. It's placed in highly wind/water prone areas with key ventilation points. This blocking and venting makes the Velocis jacket and bibs warm and breathable, so the rider can sweat, cool down, and sweat again.

Profila Back

Profila represents Bontrager's top of the line apparel fabric.​

Velocis S2 Jacket

The paneling on the Bontrager Velocis is wind proof on the side panels, and there is a brushed fleece vent near the armpit. Smart paneling like this keeps warmth in without trapping it completely. Taped seams and reflective accents enhance the overall package. But while the Hi-Viz backing improves visibility, the lighter color on the back can get dingy even after washing.

Lower Leg

Windproof fabric around lower leg seals in warmth.​

Velocis S2 Bib Sans Chamois

I'm a huge fan a winter bib tight without a chamois. They're less expensive and you can ride in shorts you already are accustomed to. Winter cycling tights for below freezing are hard to construct. They have to be nearly impermeable from wind and splash resistant, but also comfortable next to your skin. Bontrager Velocis tights tick all the right boxes for me, and quickly became my go-to winter riding garment. Windproof paneling covers not just the front but the whole lower leg, which is great for small splashes. The back of the thigh area has thick brushed fleece that allows for heat dissipation.

Bontrager also gets extra points for the windproof belly and mid-back area. Details like this make the Velocis S2 bibs worth the $150 asking price. However, though the seat of this bib is comfortable with brushed Lycra, I would prefer that a water-resistant material cover the chamois and sit bone areas for puddle splashes. YKK zippers all around is a sign of quality and something that most savvy purchasers look for.

Cuff Glove

A cuffed thumb hold seals in warmth and is undetectable on the bike.​

Velocis S2 Softshell Jacket and Bib Tights

These two pieces are a terrific cold weather riding combo. Indeed, well-constructed garments like these make riding all year around easier for those looking to be comfortable during winter riding - not just surviving. I especially liked the extra pockets and zippers. I usually do not have a front pocket but when having that option, I found myself using it for gels and other small items. The rear pockets have ample room for gear, food, and electronics. Though convenient, the rear zipper pocket is small, meaning some phones will not fit. Key are no problem, though.

Rear Zipper

A zipper pocket offers place for keys and valuables, just a little too small for today's mega phones.​

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
4 stars

Price: $200 jacket; $150 bib tights with no chamois
More Info: www.trekbikes.com