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I'm giving away a new copy of the book called "Above Maui" by world renowned photographer Ron Dahlquist. I live on Maui and while there's tons of fun year round activities to do here, most people associate the place with resorts, ocean activities, and sight seeing. However, the road cycling here is one of the best kept secrets of the island. It really is world class.

When I saw this book I was amazed because the aerial photos captures some of the best and most significant cycling roads on the island. These include what I call "the big 3". These are The road to Hana, the west Maui loop, and the famous ride up the volcano - the 10,030 foot climb from sea level to the summit of Haleakala.

I'm sure the photographer wasn't thinking about road cycling when he made the book but he managed to capture (perhaps by accident) the roads in a way that a cyclist could really appreciate them. They are pictured in the context of magnificent scenery. There's plenty of other nice things in the book as well but as a cyclist, the roads were the first thing I noticed!

To get the book you'll need to put your name in the hat as I'll be giving it away for free by random drawing. You can do that by visiting and entering promo code "RBMRD2". Follow the instructions. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday March 18. Good luck!

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