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Quoting the Cannondale website:

"Because the Cannondale SI Carbon crankset seamlessly integrates an oversized bottom bracket shell with an oversized spindle and carbon crank arms, you benefit from a direct transferance of power that produces greater velocity while riding, and a crankset that is lighter, stiffer more efficient than Shimano's DuraAce."

I understand that if you want to use any other crankset with this bike (eg., a triple instead of the compact double it ships with, or Campy instead of the stock made-by-FSA) a special Bottom Bracket Adapter is required to (correct me if I'm wrong here) "fill in" the extra space of this oversized bottom bracket shell.

My question: does anyone know if this Bottom Bracket Adapter will compromise the performance of the bike to such an extent that it would mitigate any of the advantages of converting to a triple or a Campy crankset?

I'm buying a new bike this month and the Synapse Carbon 2 is the leading contender. I'm about 90% certain I want a triple crank...but am concerned that by replacing the stock spindle I may be eliminating one of the features that makes the bike so appealing in the first place.


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I don't think that you'd notice the slightest difference in performance. The claimed stiffness for the FSA crank arms is of a tiny magnitude and not worth bothering about. I have the stock compact double on my Synapse and I would have been perfectly happy with the Dura Ace crankset although it's not a compact.

Incidentally the Ultegra and Dura Ace crank arms have more lateral stiffness than the FSA ones that come with the Cannondale bikes according to one test conducted by an Australian magazine.

Wonderful bike.
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