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I'm looking to change my current bottom bracket (FSA Platinum Pro 68mm x 108mm ISIS drive) as it's feeling a bit 'gritty', and not as smooth as it used to be.
I've read mixed reviews about the FSA bottom brackets, so was loking for ideas as to possible alternatives.

Someone suggested a Token carbon/Ti spindle offering, but I don't know anything about their product range.
Any comments/suggestions (on any brand) would be appreciated.
I'm looking to spend up to £100 max.

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A hundred quid for a bb? Yikes. Personally I'd get rid of the Isis crank and get something else; the isis bb's are notorious for short life due to the smaller bearings (especially for mountain biking). If I had to use an Isis drive, I'd try one of the SKF offerings (they're relatively new here in the US, don't know about Europe) due to their bearing reputation.
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