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On order: Six13 Pro 1 (Dura Ace/FSA). $2800 out the door, which is a good price. I went with Black

Should be in mid next week, I'll post pics.

I got back into riding approx 1mo ago after well over a decade away, bought a new R700 and already know I'm in cycling for the long haul again. Dropped 12lbs in 3wks, riding 6days week,eating clean and no beer/soda. My back has NEVER felt better, I thought riding would hinder my aching back but it's done nothing but strengthen it, cycling has given me results my chiropractor failed at. What an awesome change of lifestyle and health cycling has already given me in a short amount of time back.

I used to cycle just about everyday to keep in shape for baseball through College and Minor Leagues, I loved it then and am glad to be riding again

Seeing my best friend have a Time, Look, Cervelo drove me mad :) and after riding his Look today I went and got my Six13. Cannondale has always been the best bang for the buck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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