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Okay guys, I'm replacing my brake levers, and have several questions...

Brake Levers:
The clamps that hold brake levers on the bars - is there an ISO standard for that, or do I have to look for a specific size similar to how handlebars have different clamp sizes these days?​
What's a decent group of non brifter brake levers for an entry-level bike? I'm looking at the Dia-Compe Blaze Aero's, but going from a set very similar to Nashbar's Ergo drop levers, I'd really like something with a longer extension from the bars...​

For Brake Cable Questions:
I've seen like three different types of brake cables
The pear shape

The horizontal barrel shaped ones

Then the other barrel ones that are more vertical

This is my main quandary... Is it safer to wait and see what the brake levers use before having to possibly buy new brake cables, or is there some kind of way to tell what levers use what cable nipple end?​

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All new brake levers should come with a clamp. All clamps are the same size (the oversize bars are only oversize in the centre section, where the stem clamps).

I just installed some Tektro R200 levers on a bike - they were cheap, and are the same shape as the campy levers. Quality seems fine. I think cane creek sell the same lever under their own name. Shimano also make a few models of non-brifter levers. The main difference is in the hood shapes between makes.

I can't see the photos of cable ends that you posted, but AFAIK drop bar levers all take the pear shaped end barrel. The cylindrical types are for MTB and flat bar levers.

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