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Hey all-

I have come across a wee problem in building my latest ride-
I discovered that my 07 Record skeleton front brake does not fit
into the hole in my new (07 could be 06) Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork.
The sleeve that the bolt fits into does not fit into the hole on the back
of the fork.
Any ideas? Anyone heard of this?



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nut, not bolt...

I assume you're talking about the nut that threads over the brake mounting bolt. A lot of forks require special nuts with an extended length and those should come with the fork. The standard length nut supplied by Campy is probably not long enough. FWIW, a standard diameter for the shank portion of the nut is 7.9mm, so I would assume that the hole is supposed to be 8mm.

The actual brake mounting bolt or stud is always an M6 thread.

Check that there is not some paint build-up causing the problem. If only the head of the nut won't go into the countersunk area, paint buildup is almost always the problem.
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