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i have just recently changed the front brake on my bike with
a tektro(r740) and while it's better than the single-pivot brakes
they replace(1991 dura-ace), they're not quite the brilliant brakes
they're cracked up to be. so this started me thinking about brakes
in general and i wondered if anybody has tried mounting their front
brakes _behind_ the fork.

i thought of two reasons why you might want to do this;
1) for an aero advantage, being behind the fork would hide
the brake caliper out of the airflow, and
2) braking might be more responsive due to the rotational
direction of the front wheel.

i also thought of a couple of reasons why you wouldn't:
1) cable problems - when turning the wheel/fork, the cable might
not clear the down-tube and headset/crown area.
2) physical clearance(not counting the cable) some frames might
have the fork fairly close to the down tube making this mounting
position impossible.
3) assuming the fixing bolt/hardware is uniform, there shouldn't
be any difference in mounting locations i.e. front v. back - any
flex/bending would be equivalent, only in the other direction.

any ideas, comments?

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you can't mount the brake behind the fork if the frame/fork and brake haven't been designed for that. it won't make the braking any better anyway. as divve said, the biggest difference in braking performance comes from the pads - i don't know about the dura-ace pads, but the koolstop work very well and are my current choice. make sure the cables and outers run smooth too.

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