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i was fooling around adjusting my brakes today and at one point adjusted the wrong thing. Its the screw that holds the brake release together. When i put it back together, i overtightened it (i think). Its not nearly as smooth as it used to be. It still works fine however, it just isn't as smooth. Worse, I stripped the screw accidentally.

Is there any way i screwed up my brakes big time (they still seem to work, did a quick 30 second inside test down a hallway)

Is it neccessary to go to a shop and have them look at it?

Is it neccessary to go to a shop and get a new screw and install this one, and not strip it this time?

Basically I think everything is fine, its just slightly harder to use, and if i ever need to take apart my bike totally (not likely) well that could be a problem. I don't plan on selling my brakes anytime soon. (and if i do ill get a new screw i guess)

They are cane creek scr-3 brakes

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