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belly breathing = yogic breathing

rusa1586 said:
When I do focus on breathing I find that pushing the air out from my diaphragm, like my clarinet teacher taught me, and letting it come back in by itself makes me feel better oxygenated when climbing or trying to ride fast. The downside is that it sticks my stomach out like a cycling Buddha for about 3/4 of the breathing cycle.
They teach essentially the same thing in yoga class. My instructor calls in infant breathing. I try and do this during very hard efforts and it seems to calm me down and get me into a rhythm. Inhale slowly through your nose and expand into a Buddha belly, exhale forcefully while contracting the aforementioned Buddha and diaphragm. Repeat as necessary.

I read in one of my training books about a racer who was fanatical about his breathing techniques. They called him the "Freight Train" or "Steam Engine" or something similar because you could hear him coming from a long way back just from his breathing.
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