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Easy spinning on the trainer until full recovery. Try to stay indoors because with all the irritants (pollen, gas fumes, dust etc) it's only going to aggravate your bronchitis and worse with hard efforts and deep breathing it could lead to pneumonia. I was stupid and didn't take this advice while at Master's Nationals in '06 (Colorado Springs) and paid dearly with bronchitis that led to pneumonia and a nice 3 month recovery period because I kept coughing up fluid/blood. Also needed 2 rounds of antibiotics to combat it. If you are older it's really life threatening (ie. maybe 50+).

Addtionally, I've heard that lung tissue doesn't lend itself very well to full recovery so it's a good idea not to aggravate any respiratory illnesses. Most doctors won't tell you this because most people could care less what there VO2 capabilities are.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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