Coryn Rivera and Ruth Winder represented the U.S at the recent UCI Junior Track World Championships. Ruth Winder racing for the U.S for the first time rode an outstanding individual pursuit besting her previous time by seven seconds. Ruth also rode to an 11th place in the Scratch race. Rivera added another bronze medal to her results with a 3rd place finish in the omnium. This was Coryn's final race of her junior career. Here is an account of her bronze medal performance.

"After getting a glimpse of death during the points race it was a difficult to make the decision whether or not I would still race the omnium. Initially, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with track racing. Nothing. Then I stopped, took a step back and thought..." I'm not dead. I didn't break any bones or teeth. My teammate Shelley went through worse at Elite Track Worlds and got back up and raced the points race." And as I read my twitter feed I saw quotes that said: "I had to pick myself up and get on with it, do it all over again, only even better this time" and "Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom". I still had a chance at getting a rainbow jersey, so I got over the points race fiasco and refocused for the omnium.

The first event in the omnium was the flying lap, 250m. I practiced the approach a lot during training and got great advice from USAC Sprint Coach Jaime Staff. I placed 2nd in the flying lap with a 15.0. About an hour later was the 10k points race. I was a little uneasy because I was still traumatized from the points race on the first day. I got over it and won the first sprint, snagged a point in the 3rd sprint, and in the last sprint I didn't place at all because I was still a little nervous. I ended up getting 4th in the points race which now put me in 4th place in the omnium with 6 points. Last omnium event of the first night was the elimination. It had to be one of the most sketchiest races of my life, girls were squeezing in places they definitely shouldn't be! Then when about a third of the group had been eliminated, a pretty large crash happened and luckily I was in front. The crash was so large, the commissars had to restart the race. The Cuban got disqualified for dangerous racing and I was able to position myself well enough for 3rd place. Now with the Cuban gone I ended the first night in 3rd place with 9 points.

The next day, the first event was the 2km pursuit. I only had a week of training on the track all year and The last time I did a pursuit was at Jr Track Nationals and I won with a time of 2:35. After talking with USAC Endurance Track Coach Ben Sharp, we agreed to ride a 2:30 in the pursuit. And I did exactly that, which was also a personal best. I finished 4th in the pursuit which still kept me in 3rd place in the omnium, now with 13 points. The next event was the 7.5km scratch race. The goal was to gain points on the Austrailian girl in 2nd place in the omnium. It was a photo finish in the sprint and the final verdict was that she beat me in the sprint for 5th. Going into the last event, which was the 500m TT, I was secure in 3rd place with 19 points. The 500m TT was the very last junior race of my career. Just 2 laps, full gas, everything I had. I left my junior career with 2nd place in the 500m TT, with a personal best time of 36.874. I won the bronze medal in the overall omnium behind gold medalist, Laura Trott of Great Britain and silver medalist, Isabella King of Austrailia. I am happy that I left my junior career with style, 2 new personal best times and a bronze medal in the omnium.

Thanks to everyone that made my bronze medal possible. From my supportive Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12 team to all the kids on the USA National Team. Big thanks to all the help from the USAC coaches, soigneurs, and mechanics. Thank you to my personal sponsors that make sure I always have to best of the biz to give me the edge over my competition. And special thanks to my family and friends that will always be there to support me no matter what. THANK YOU!"
Coryn Rivera