Los Altos, California - Team TIBCO goes to the next installment of the NRC series - the Chris Thater Memorial Grand Prix on Sunday - with a five-rider squad that has proven to be a criterium powerhouse all season.

Sprinter Brooke Miller headlines the crew, bolstered by rotating lead-outs Lauren Tamayo and Joanne Kiesanowski. Katharine Carroll, who won the Downer's Grove warm-up race two weeks ago, brings her firepower and Emma Rickards adds her aggressive attacking style to the squad.

"This group has raced a lot together this year," said Miller, who enjoyed four wins in six races over nine days in April and May in the Southest criterium with this core unit. They also helped Miller to wins in Charlotte and Hanes Park earlier this month.

"We've gotten really well drilled over the course of the year," Miller added. "We're pretty much at the point where we know each other's strengths and can read each other during races. We all have a lot of faith in each other and I know that I can count on any one of my teammates for a strong lead-out.

After a strong showing at the Two Bridges Classic in Marion, Indiana last weekend - where Tamayo, Miller and Kiesanowski finished 2nd, 3rd and 6th respectively - Team TIBCO strengthened its grip on the top of the NRC team standings. They'll look for another strong showing at Thater to maintain control of the lead.

"Winning the race is always the goal," Miller said. "When you do that, the points tend to take care of themselves."

Team TIBCO for the Chris Thater Memorial:
Katharine Carroll, USA
Joanne Kiesanowski, NZL
Brooke Miller, USA
Emma Rickards, AUS
Lauren Tamayo, USA

Photo (c) Jonathan Devich/Epic Images