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I know there is a group called Camden County Cycling and I think there is another group in Brunswick. Most of the really challenging hills around the NE FL- SE GA area are bridges over navigable waterways. If the guy mentioned in the article can't help Try Turn2 bicycles in Kingsland.

This isn't a happy ending but it shows an active cycling community in that area and a concerned shop owner. Unfotunately, the newsphoto showed a bunch of people riding without helmets.
The Florida Times-Union
March 20, 2006
Hundreds cruise for cyclist
The Times-Union

More than 200 bicyclists rode in Sunday's first Causeway Cruise to benefit the victim of a hit-and-run driver four months ago on the route of the ride. Ed Arbo Jr., 50, has been in a coma since Nov. 10, the night he was run down on the westbound lane of the causeway. The driver who struck Arbo kept going and Arbo was found only because passing motorists stopped to investigate debris on the roadway. Many of Sunday's riders were like Mike Wilson, a longtime friend of Arbo's brother, Don."I want to do anything I can to support the family. I'll gladly do it for him anytime,'' Wilson said. Organizer Chris Beaufait had arranged for 125 riders and hoped for more. That hope was realized when more than 200 on a mix of fast road bikes, mountain bikes and beach cruisers arrived at Beaufait's Monkeywrench Bicycles on St. Simons Island for the ride. The riders stayed on the island and causeway bike paths, but the cruise was intended as a reminder to motorists that bicyclists have an absolute right to the roadway. Wilson said that was also one of his reasons for riding. "We are out here and we deserve to be on the road as much as anyone else,'' Wilson said. Beaufait and other organizers stressed safety, including handing out rear flashing safety lights to all the riders. He also stressed it was not a race and that he didn't want any accidents. There were some minor crashes, but the biggest hazard on the 13.5-mile round trip from St. Simons Island along the F.J. Torras Causeway to Brunswick was the high bridge over the MacKay River. A few riders had to dismount and walk their bikes up the grade, but they were rewarded with an easy coast down the other side. Arbo has made "very, very slow progress,'' most recently at Walton Rehabilitation Hospital in Augusta, said his mother, Ann, who was at the turnaround Sunday.
More than 200 people rode St. Simons Island bike and causeway paths Sunday to benefit comatose rider Ed Arbo Jr. and to remind drivers that bicyclists have a right to the roadway, too.

"He's definitely recognizing his dad and me,'' she said.

As for the Causeway Cruise, Beaufait said it will grow. At Sunday's turnout, Beaufait was planning for another finishing spot with more room than the parking lot in front of his business. He wants to have more of a party atmosphere next year and hand out prizes.
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