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Build or buy-- Single speed, lightweight, but upright "collegiate"/"comfort"

I have an old 70s Schwinn Speedster, which is a beautiful bike. I like the upright riding position and overall feel of the bike. But it weighs about 45 pounds. And creaks and wobbles (as I'm starting to...).

I have a nice road bike, so this bike will be just for commuting a few miles to school and back (with a saxophone on my back).

I want:

-lightweight (anything but carbon).
-upright riding style with swept-back bars (touring/collegiate, like these).
-room for 28 tires (or larger) and probably room for small fenders.
-front brake only is fine, or even coaster brake, if no weight penalty.
-single-speed or 2- or 3-speed hub if not super heavy.

I already have a couple 700c wheelsets I could use, but if I find a ready-made bike, I could sell the wheels on Craigslist. No biggie.

New, used, or build is fine.


photo showing the Schwinn so you can see the style and riding position I'm going for.

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