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I recently built up a few MTB wheels and would now like to try my hand at a set of racing road wheels.
I have looked at other threads and it seems that there is always some dissenting opinions which I like. Just wanted to get a specific reply my specific situations.

Some background on me:
-175# right now and trying to get to at least 170#
-Live in CO mountains so hilly rides are numerous and norm
-Have not been racing road that long. Local races are every other Wednesday and have been doing them for past two years.
-Can't imagine I am putting out a lot of watts or torque.
-Currently ride on a set of 2011 Ksyriums Equipes. 20h/24h and have had no problems with them. I am guessing they only have around 3000 miles on them (again was more of a MTB guy)

I would like to build a pair of climbing wheels for these Wed. races.

I am thinking of going this route:

Stans 340 because I would like to use a 25mm tire, possibly go tubeless, they are light and relatively cheap, and rim brake.

Front 20h UL Front Road hub from Bikehubstore. They are light and cheap. Their MTB hubs have been ok and the thread on here seems to confirm they are ok, so figure road ones are good too?

Rear 24h UL Rear Road Hub from Bikehubstore. Same reason as front.

Sapim CX-Ray

Nipples: Sapim Aluminum.

I can be persuaded to go 28h on the rear if you all think it is necessary, but I have had zero issues with my 24h Mavics although I understand they are a different wheel altogether.

Any changes I should make or things to avoid such as lacing patterns (was thinking radial in front 2x in rear)?

Thank you for your time.
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