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Larry Lackapants
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wallycharlo said:
... noticed a bumping feeling towards end of my ride today, examined the rear tyre (hutchinson equinox) and found a couple of deformities or 'bumps' on it ... wheel itself seems fine ... has my tire had it? ... just seems to have appeared out of nowhere, I didnt hit anything agressively etc ...cheers ... Wally
The cut in the tire pictured above seems to run deep(er) - it may have caused the damage to the tyre casing too. I've previously met this and the workaround was to apply a patch to the tube. Then, put the tube on with the patch matching the fault in the tyre, though this way there will still be a small bump there..
A better fix I'd picture would be sewing the fault close, on the inside of the tyre. You should be careful that none of the sewing yarn comes out on the other side - or it will rub off on the pavement and disassemble in the end.
see above postsregarding new tire :)
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