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I don't know Fuji bikes, so I can't get into the specifics of Fuji.

But in general, Shimano 105 is best bang for the bux, and I would classify the 105 groupset as race-worthy. 105 is the sweetspot.

As far as "frame comfort" goes, well this is 'nother can of worm, because "comfort" is really a subjective feeling that result in the interaction of your frame and YOUR feeling of comfort. For example, when I first switch from mtb to road, every damn road frame (even so-called roubaix, fondo, whatever) was uncomfortable for me. Of course back then, "comfort" for me was riding a fully squishy mtb bike with almost 6" travel front and back! But, now that I'm on the road bike for over 3 years, I can ride a century (5-7 hours, depending on elevation gained) on pretty much any road bike, even the so-called "pure bred" race bikes such as Specialized Tarmac, Cervelo S3, Scott Addict, Pinarello F8, etc. Simply put, my butt, hands, back, have gotten used to sitting in on a road bike for a long duration of time (something you don't do on an mtb bike).

Having said that, I still find that a "roubaix" or "fondo" bike is still more comfortable than a pure race bred bike. Even a CX bike is a tad more comfortable too, and you might also want to consider a CX bike, so don't rule out CX bikes, especially a CX bike with disc brake might just fit your need nicely.

Every experience roadie will tell you the most important thing to comfort is "fit". And unfortunately here, the topic of fitting is quite a complicated one, and it can be hard to fully grasp if you've never ridden a road bike before. But of course, you're asking this very question because you've never ridden one. So it's a little bit of a catch-22 situation for you. And, your fit and comfort also changes with time too, so you'll want to think about that too (i.e., don't slam the stem just yet). But hopefully, you will get enough chimes in from members in here that you will somewhat of a clue as to which bike model will be best for you.

I'm guessing that all the Fuji bikes you mentioned above are definitely good starting point. After all, Fuji tend to make bikes that has to fit the mass population, so chances are one of them will fit your need nicely. But don't forget to look into a CX bike with disc (but disc might be more expensive, and disc standard is still evolving in the road world, so maybe not?)

hmm come to think about it, I did have a Fuji Roubaix bike a long time ago, back in 2008 I believe. This was when I wasn't a serious roadie yet. And as I recall, it was aluminum and pretty comfortable. I don't recall anything harsh about bit. Of course that was 8 years ago when I was younger too.
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