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Every experience roadie will tell you the most important thing to comfort is "fit".

Get the fit you want/need.
^^^And this.^^^

In other words, don't focus on brand. There are many great brands out there and very few bad ones. I will emphasize that there is nothing more important than a good fit. A good fit depends on a good bike shop that is willing to spend time and work with you to put you and the bike on a trainer, watch you pedal and make adjustments to dial in your fit.

I don't know a lot about Fuji bikes, but I believe them to be as good as most of the major brands. One thing that confused me is that you say you didn't feel comfortable on race frames, but you are looking at a Trek Emonda. The Trek Emonda is a race bike. You would probably feel more comfortable on a Trek Domane which is a more relaxed bike generally referred to as an "endurance" bike.

Other good endurance bikes you may want to look at are the Cannondale Synapse, Specialized Roubaix and Giant Defy.

Oh, and did I mention fit? :)
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