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This query is a longshot, since I suspect that only a Cannondale dealer for a large stocking retailer will know the answer...but also perhaps an obsessive Cannondale fan, so I'll give it a shot :)

One of the things that attracted me to the CAADX 105 Disc when it came out last year was its conspicuous mention of braze-ons or mounting points for full fenders.

I can't help noticing that Cannondale's website no longer explicitly mentions those. In fact, it doesn't mention anything at all about fender mounts on that bike.

Anybody know for certain whether a new CAADX 105 Disc has fender mounting points on the fork and rear dropouts?


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The link you're posting is for the redesigned 2017 model, 2015 and 2016 models were the same if I recall so both should have them.

But to answer your question, the new 2017 CAADX does have mounts for rack and fenders. :thumbsup:

Here are photos of a raw CAADX 2017 frame with mounting points at the dropout, a removable seatstay bridge and a mounting point behind the seat tube.

Line Metal Iron Parallel Steel

Bicycle frame White Monochrome Line Monochrome photography

Line Metal Black Steel Bicycle part

Fork has mounting points inside the legs.

Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Wheel Bicycle wheel Bicycle part
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